Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Anjaneya Stotra

Hanuman (the son of Keasri and Anjana), though never mentioned anywhere in Purans or other holy books as God, is worshipped as though he is God. He is also known as the son of Vayu-the wind god. People throughout India worship him with great devotion.

Salutation to the Lankan terror, heroic son of Anjani,
Who brought to an end all sorrows of Sita finally,
Who is the king of monkeys revered universally,
Who killed Aksha the son of Ravan indisputably.

I bow my head and ever salute Ram’s emissary,
Who has won his mind with devotion and sincerity,
Who has similar speed as that of the wind certainly,
He, Wind God’s son best among knowledgeable truly,
Who has over his organs total control and mastery,
Who is immense among the killers of all ogres,
And who is the chief in the fierce army of monkeys.
Striking as a golden mountain, lives near Parijath tree.

I pray and salute the son of the Wind God respectfully,
Who brought to the finish the rakshasas doggedly,
Who is always present with eye full of tears lovingly,
With head bowed in adoration ever respectfully,
Wherever the praise of Lord Ram is sung sincerely.

He who meditates on Lord Hanuman ever devotedly,
Would be blessed with knowledge and strength fully,
Fame, courage, fearlessness, health he gets totally,
Tirelessness and mastery over words his slaves truly.

मुनीन्द्र मिश्र © Munindra Misra 2011 rights reserved

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